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Creative Consulting + Concierge

Meet Our Founders

Hi, I’m Daniel Middleton, an independent creative director and the founding creative behind the Mister Middleton brand, a boutique design hub.

...but first, I am a father of two amazing children...

I currently reside in Delaware; however, I am a native New Yorker.

Growing up, I was surrounded by vibrant design scenes. From fashion to architecture, graphic designs on major billboards, intricate graffiti murals and more, there were no shortages of inspiration to be found in the city. Much of who I am today as an artist, designer, and creator is rooted in and influenced by the rich culture of NYC.


As a multi-hyphenate artist, I am passionate about creating experiences. I enjoy bringing life to blank spaces as well as providing clarity, vision and direction to embryonic ideas. 

My creative process begins by immersing myself in my clients' brand and understanding their unique challenges and opportunities. I collaborate with a team to develop a cohesive creative strategy to meet each client's specific goals and objectives.


I am constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create innovative and me

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